Discovering Presence and Voice

Being Present is a state of embodiment that involves the body, breath, voice and storytelling. Over three days Patsy will work on your natural voice and presence and the ability to tell a story. The Natural Voice has been covered by physical habits which not only impede your ability to communicate but signal a lack of authenticity, and therefore authority. You will explore body, breath and voice, and how extensive our voices are, and you will be introduced to Patsy’s Three Circles of EnergyTM. Patsy will diagnose each of you individually and introduce you to a vocal preparation that will prepare you for important communication. We will do (spoken) chorus work and tell stories, and you will be given a selection of Shakespeare’s Sonnets to work on.

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed Introduction to the Work, or be professional actors, or have previously worked with Patsy. Participants can apply for a waiver if they don’t meet the prerequisites.

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