Introduction to the Work

Breath, Voice, Presence

If you have never worked with Patsy before and want to gain an insight into her teaching, this introductory workshop is the perfect place to start.

Working in a small group of no more than twenty participants, Patsy will lead a discussion, work with each student individually in front of the group and give a diagnosis personal to you about your presence and voice.

This will be followed by a physical presence and voice workshop, during which you will be introduced to the exercises which Patsy uses to underpin all of her work. You will work first as an individual with Patsy, and then continue the work in the group.

By the end of the workshop you will understand the importance of, and be able to put into practice, the tools of breath and voice to deepen your personal impact.

The experience gained during this course will be the platform to continue to the Discovering Presence and Voice workshop, which is the first full course in the Academy syllabus.

Duration: 4 hours

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