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Patsy's upcoming interview with VASTA

Patsy will be in interview with Vasta during their conference in July 2022

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Patsy's new book

Introducing Patsy’s new book, The Woman’s Voice, to be published by Bloomsbury Press in 2023.

Introducing Patsy's new home in NYC

Introducing OPERA America’s National Opera Center, Patsy Rodenburg Academy’s new home in New York

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Patsy in Portugal

Silves, in Portugal, has a special place in Patsy's heart and is one of her favourite places to teach. Patsy facilitates workshops on Presence, Voice and Impact and has been returning to Portugal for many years, coaching artists alongside individuals from corporate backgrounds.

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Patsy in the USA

For the past 30 years Patsy has travelled to U.S. to teach voice, presence and Shakespeare to thousands of actors, teachers and leaders. In the past, Patsy’s work has predominately resided in New York and we are thrilled to share that Patsy will also be teaching in Los Angeles!

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Book a session with Patsy

Patsy is available for private coaching, one-on-one. Currently due to COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, Patsy is working remotely on video call platforms.

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