It is critical that we learn how to debate again and listen to views that we don’t agree with. This course will include how to listen attentively even when we don’t want to and how to speak about subjects that we find difficult. We will have difficult conversations in the course and reflect on how often we are wrong and how often we need to change our mind. We can heal ourselves if we listen with our full presence to each other’s stories.

Some of us have forgotten how to debate or were never taught this skill. Perhaps because of this lack of teaching, we now find ourselves in a society where people are silenced because their views are not respected by others.

In this three-day workshop, Patsy will teach the importance and practice of learning to listen and speak about difficult subjects: having creative dialogue, debate and negotiations through disagreement; changing our minds; understanding when we can’t fully agree; admitting when we don’t know.

Division in a group can be healed through listening to each other’s stories. Now, more than ever, teams of individuals are learning how to work together remotely to ensure all voices are heard and synergies connect.

With Presence, we are able to communicate with impact, lead with power and support all individuals in the group so that they, too, can speak their stories with impact and feel heard.

We will use storytelling and structure to navigate differences and to find balance, fairness and reconciliation. To attend you must be willing to change.

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed Discovering Presence and Voice.

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