Speaking Shakespeare Second Edition

We are delighted to let you know that the second edition of Speaking Shakespeare by Patsy Rodenburg is published today by Bloomsbury and dedicated to Anthony Sher and Gregory Doran.

The next Delivering Shakespeare workshop will take place in Portugal in April 2024, and you will be most welcome to experience Patsy’s teaching in class.

Copies can be ordered direct from Bloomsbury, here


From A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s Puck to Othello’s Desdemona, this new edition of Speaking Shakespeare gives you all the necessary tools to bring any of Shakespeare’s eclectic characters to life.

Patsy Rodenburg uses practical exercises and textual analysis to hone in on your dramatic resonance, breathing and placement in order to unlock your potential for playing these iconic characters. Speeches and scenes such as Mark Antony’s ‘O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth’ and the bloody scene in which Macbeth admits to Lady Macbeth that he has ‘done the deed’ are placed in context and discussed in depth.

Combining clear practical, textual and imaginative work with a brilliant analysis of scenes and speeches from the whole range of Shakespeare’s plays, this is an essential and inspiring guide for anyone working on his plays today. It brings a renewed focus on the language of power, so frequently spoken in the worlds of politicians and company directors, which will give readers insight into the potency of clear, direct communication, specifically in the context of Shakespeare. Each chapter has been revised following the author’s 20 additional years of experience as a voice coach and includes techniques necessary for a clear and convincing performance.‹