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Patsy’s interview with VASTA

Patsy’s interview transcript at Vasta Conference will be available online in August

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Fall Workshops in New York

Patsy is returning to New York this fall with a new in-person programme

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Patsy’s new book

Introducing Patsy’s new book, The Woman’s Voice, to be published by Bloomsbury Press in 2023.

Patsy’s upcoming interview with VASTA

Patsy will be in interview with Vasta during their conference in July 2022

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Introducing Patsy’s new home in NYC

Introducing OPERA America’s National Opera Center, Patsy Rodenburg Academy’s new home in New York

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Introducing Patsy Rodenburg Academy

Introducing the Patsy Rodenburg Academy, a place to train with Patsy on voice, presence and storytelling.

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Introducing Patsy Rodenburg Associates (PRA)

Introducing Patsy Rodenburg Associates (PRA), a programme to train new teachers in Patsy’s unique work on presence, voice and speech.

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Listen to Patsy in ‘Toast’ Podcast

Listen to Patsy talk about storytelling and her focus on breath and its rhythms which link us all.

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Interview at Women Ahead

Watch Patsy’s introduction at Moving Ahead Speaker Academy

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