Kelly McEvenue

Associate Faculty Member

Patsy Rodenburg

Kelly McEvenue is the pre-eminent Alexander Technique teacher for classical repertory theatre and has been a member of the coaching team for forty seasons at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada.

She has been with Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto for decades, coaching shows and on the faculty of the Soulpepper Academy.

Throughout her teaching career, Kelly has trained hundreds of young actors at several college theatre programs in the USA, the UK and Canada. Having been a movement consultant for numerous films and television series, she has taught at the Canadian Film Centre Actor’s Conservatory.

For decades, Kelly has assisted renowned voice teacher Patsy Rodenburg on several International workshops and is an Associate Faculty member for the Patsy Rodenburg Academy. She will be working with Patsy and the PRA students in Portugal in summer 2023.

Kelly McEvenue’ s book, The Actor and the Alexander Technique was first published 2001.

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