From Page to Stage

moving beyond duologues

This workshop explores the journey from page to stage.

Many people are comfortable working on Shakespeare’s monologues, or diaologue between two characters, but less confident about bigger scenes.

You will develop your confidence in bringing Shakespeare’s text to life. Building on what you have learned with Patsy, you will begin to recognise the ways in which the text can lead the staging, and how to give a platform to the multiple voices in a scene, letting the text drive the production.

In this collaborative workshop we will explore how stagecraft can amplify the intentions in Shakespeare’s language. We will consider how the physical context of Shakespeare’s contemporary theatres informed his writing, and how we might react to this within our own very different theatres. You will be asked to direct, and be directed by, other participants in the workshop, gaining personal insight into the experience of your actors.

You will be asked to prepare a scene involving at least three actors from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Imagine you are preparing to direct it for a particular stage.

This workshop will be delivered by Associate Artistic Director of PRA, Brigid Larmour.

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: A workshop for teachers and directors.

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