In Whose Presence?

This workshop explores the presence of the actor meeting the presence of the audience.

What happens to the actor when they are watched or listened to? How do actors come more alive in front of them?

We will work on exercises to support our connections to our senses, our alignment and our responsiveness. What does our fear do to us and how does that affect our creativity and play? As the workshop continues, we will explore exercises that develop heightened awareness, openness and expressiveness. We will be seeking playfulness and authentic expression. Simply put: our aliveness and heightened humanity in the presence of an audience. Without these two things theatre cannot exist.

This workshop will be delivered by Associate Faculty member, Eliot Shrimpton.

Duration: 3 days

Terms and Conditions

Upcoming Dates

12 Apr - 14 Apr, 2024

Where: Portugal

Additional information: The workshop will be delivered by Professor Brigid Larmour

Price : 950 $

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