Patsy Rodenburg has developed a new workshop to help actors really deliver, engage and fully play and speak Shakespeare.

Your Shakesperean journey with Patsy starts in Discovering Voice and Presence where you explore and speak one of his sonnets. Delivering Shakespeare is a critical course that introduces and embodies you into the skills and exercises needed to deliver his form and content.

In developing the Shakespeare Scenes workshop, PR believes that examining one scene thoroughly is a building block which has been missing in the sequence of the work. During the course you will examine two plays: a comedy and a tragedy.

Rarely does any actor spend more than 20 hours on a distilled examination of one specific scene.

You will discover that the phrase “Shakespeare’s Language” has some truth in it, but each of his plays explores different language and reveals character. By the end of the course you will present one scene and discover how Shakespeare presents character through the words and form each character uses.

You should know the plays well as they will be both be examined and discussed during the course. As you commit to the course you will receive the plays and scenes to be studied.

One of PR’s mantras is ‘We are what we speak, particularly under duress’. And this happens when the actor means what they say as they say it.

Hamlet’s advice to the actors: ‘Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.'

Duration: 4 days

Prerequisite: This course is open to those who have completed Discovering Presence and Voice and Delivering Shakespeare.

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